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Can near-infrared energy reach the brain for treatment of TBI? - Video abstract [78182]

Larry D. Morries, Theodore A. Henderson MD, PhD - 2015 (Video) 4323
This research was done under the supervision of NASA and seems to be some of the most independent research comparing therapy laser parameters.
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This video was created to support their published research. The authors did research using several lasers and slices of a sheep’s brain to try and determine the best parameter for treating TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) with a desired fluency of 0.9 to 15 joules/cm2 at a depth of 2 cm. They state that getting the energy through the skull is especially difficult so they test multiple options so test the transfer rate. They started out using a continuous output split 980/810nm system (the only company that makes that type of split system, 80% of the power at 980nm and 20% of the power at 810nm, is LiteCure with their LightForce series). The result was less than 1/2% of the energy reached a depth of 2cm. Then they switched to pulsing and got an increase in the energy transfer. When they switched to a 810nm-only 15 watt system with pulsing the transfer rate increased to 16% of the output energy reached the target depth.

 Here are some rough numbers to review the feasibility of using this system for treatment. If the duty cycle is 70%, the system will deliver 1.68 joules per second at a depth 2cm (15wattS*70%*16%). To get 5 joules/cm2 over 15 x 15 cm treatment area would require a total of 1125 joules at depth. This would take 23 minutes.

This research shows that only class 4 systems can delivery the level of power needed for this kind of therapy in a typical rushed doctor's office. A class 3b system with 1 watt would take 4 - 5 hours per treatment to get the same dosage.

The original research publication is titled " Treatments for traumatic brain injury with emphasis on transcranial near-infrared laser phototherapy"


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